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Somatic Therapy in Sacramento

Dalise Gada MFT is a somatic therapist which simply means looking at how a body and nervous system reinforce and encourage habits that don’t give a person the life they want. 

Funny, but the research now shows that it’s our nervous system that drives most of our responses, including our emotions, not our head.  That’s why often talking about or understanding something gives temporary relief, but doesn’t fix it.  Our bodies store a blueprint for how life should look based on our past, and until we unhook that we’re kind of stuck doing the same things over and over. 

Life can be stressful, overwhelming and sometimes just plain crazy.  I don’t know about you, but it seems the closer we are to something, the harder it is to see.  It’s difficult to be clear and objective when we’re emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually, or financially tied up in something.  Having input from a compassionate, unattached, professional perspective can help sort out the “stuff” that tangles us up and takes away the joy of living.  That’s where I come in.  I’m here to help you get clear about what is, and isn’t working, how you want your life to look, and how to get there.  It’s a pretty interesting and exciting process and I love getting to participate in people’s journeys to health, fulfillment and joy.

Traditional talk therapy can be helpful in understanding the issues, but if it comes down to a struggle between our nervous system (knee-jerk reactions that happen before we’re even aware of them) and our thinking brain (talking yourself into or out of something) our nervous system will win every time.

That’s what I love about somatic therapy.  It’s a way to help people make fundamental change in the way they are in the world  Changes that support what makes them happy and gives their lives meaning – without having to drag out and process every bad thing that has happened. 

If you’re interested, use the contact form to schedule a consultation.  The first 20 minute phone consult is free and together we can decide if this might be the way to make some amazing changes for the better in your life.  I’m here to help. 

Dalise Gada MFT


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